Celebrating the 4th!


We had a fantastic 4th of July (and Canada Day!) in West Virginia and we have continued celebrating the “fourth”, who is due to arrive in January 2017! A big “Thank you” to James for the wonderful pictures. 🙂


Children make us laugh, make us cry, give us a new appreciation for naps :), and cause us to appreciate the little things that we would normally be too busy to notice as they discover an unknown world through new eyes. It is awesome to realize that each little life is one that will last for an eternity and it is our privilege have the opportunity of sharing with them the love of Jesus each day.




  1. Yaaay!!! Happy “fourth”! 😀

  2. Congratulations on your fourth child due in January. But, as a Canadian, I must say I do not like the Americanized Canadian Flag that you show in your pictures. That’s not right

    • Thanks, @Donna! Sorry that you didn’t like the flag. It was actually given to my brother by a Canadian. We were hoping to symbolize our great appreciation for both Canada and the U.S., seeing that Kendalyn was born in Canada and I was born in the U.S.! 🙂

      • I don’t know if there is an official story behind the flag.
        But I know they are given to show solidarity, love and respect.

        I married into a family who lost a firefighter at the World Trade Center on 9/11.
        We have his memory box and the family received flags like this from fellow firefighters from Canada, Ireland, England and many other countries. Part of their countries flag with part of the US flag.
        I know it gave comfort to the family during such a horrible time.

        I think it is a very lovely thing to have in the birth announcement.

  3. Congratulations! So glad to see you posting on your blog again, I’ve enjoyed being encouraged by your sweet family so much over the years.


    What a cute and creative way to announce the new addition to the family!


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