Congratulations Daniel and Kathryn!

My little brother Daniel got married last Saturday in North Carolina. What a blessing to welcome Kathryn into our family!


I was very honored to be the best man at the wedding! Here are the very distinguished groomsmen:



And Kendalyn was one of the beautiful bridesmaids:


Daniel and Kathryn both followed God’s direction to keep themselves for each other. They symbolized this by saving their first kiss for the marriage altar! They sure seem to be enjoying it now, though, along with their still-very-much-in-love parents. 🙂


All of the above pictures were taken by the incredibly talented photographers Katie Wilson and James Staddon. You may view more beautiful pictures on Lenspiration!


We are so grateful for the hospitality of the Neely family in hosting us for a fun-filled week of preparation. We look forward to spending many more times together.


  1. Lovely photos! Was able to watch the webcast, but was hoping someone would post pictures showing her beautiful dress (guess it’s a girl thing)!

  2. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well!

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