Wedding Attendants

Bride’s Attendants

Marilyn Kowalchuk

Matron of Honour: Marilyn Kowalchuk, mother of the bride. Mama, I am where I am today because of your commitment to remain faithful to the Lord and follow His leading no matter what. Thank you for giving me a tangible, living example of a virtuous woman who loves her husband and family.

Aleita Kowalchuk

Maid of Honour: Aleita Kowalchuk, sister of the bride. You’ve been my best friend throughout the years and I couldn’t have prepared for this day if you hadn’t been by my side helping, planning, ordering, and encouraging. Your talents and love were very much appreciated!

Esther Staddon

Bridesmaid: Esther Staddon, sister of the groom. Thank you for flying down to Dallas to drive to Chicago with me, for the uplifting conversations, and hospitality. I’m looking forward to making many precious memories together!

Jessica Kowalchuk

Bridesmaid: Jessica Kowalchuk, sister-in-law of the bride. You have become a part of my family and my heart and I’m grateful for the inspiration and excitement you’ve added to the family. I’ve learned much from watching you and Kerzdenn begin your life together last year and may the Lord bless your new little one, Kathlyn!

Corrie Pendergast

Bridesmaid: Corrie Pendergast, friend of the bride. My mentor, my friend, my sister ~ thank you for your Godly example early in my life and for living a life that I could copy as an impressionable teenager. Thank you for your listening ear and for letting me join your family while I lived in Texas. You are a gem!

Amy Ortiz

Bridesmaid: Amy Ortiz, friend of the bride. Ams, my dear college friend and roommate. You have taught me much by your constant love and care for your family, your initiative in accomplishing your dreams, and your dear friendship. Your laugh is contagious! Thank you for sharing it often!

Danielle Sobie

Bridesmaid: Danielle Sobie, friend of the bride. Dani, it’s been many years together ~ going through college side by side & working separately with our dear spiritual heroine, Elisabeth Elliot Gren. You have always had an excitement for life and may it be forever and continuous!

Sharon Kelly

Bridesmaid: Sharon Kelly, friend of the bride. Thank you for sharing the trip to Canada with me for our friend’s wedding, and for a close and Godly friendship. You are one of the hardest workers I know of.  You give of yourself until you are empty. You nourish others with your testimony. You give from what the Lord gives you. Thank you for being a pure vessel, fit for the Master’s use.

Brooke Martens

Bridesmaid: Brooke Martens, friend of the bride. Where do I begin? You kept me laughing during the most stressful times and helped me keep a good perspective on life. You were real with your feelings and always giving with your time. Thank you for your unique and flavor-filled view of life!

Ruth Oehlschlaeger

Bridesmaid: Ruth Oehlschlaeger, friend of the bride. My exercising buddy, housemate, and fellow adventurer ~ you’ve always been a good motivator to keep working out, eating right, and tackling jobs headlong. Thank you for going to town with me in Texas, our many talks, and for your encouragement. You go, girl!

Groom’s Attendants

Michael Staddon

Best Man: Michael Staddon, brother of the groom. Mike, your walk with the Lord is deep and real and sincere. Thank you for teaching me, challenging me, and encouraging me through the years. It’s been fun growing up together! There’s nothing like sitting outside on a lazy afternoon and counting mites.

Donald Staddon

Groomsman: Donald Staddon, brother of the groom.  As the oldest, you set an incredible example for all of us who came along behind you. Thank you for fearing the Lord and honouring Mom and Dad. You got all of us excited about traveling around the world. Pretty soon you’ll have us all speaking Chinese!

Daniel Staddon

Groomsman: Daniel Staddon, brother of the groom. It has been so much fun rooming together with you in Chicago, bro! It’s really neat being the brother of such a famous author and National Bible Bee champion! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend my wedding. I hope you enjoy the BBQ!

Jonathan Staddon

Groomsman: Jonathan Staddon, brother of the groom. I’m amazed by all your industrious entrepreneurial efforts at tapping maple syrup, mowing lawns, and baking bread for the Farmer’s Market! No wonder it’s getting harder and harder for me to win a game of  Settlers of Catan with you!

David Staddon

Groomsman: David Staddon, brother of the groom. You are such a fun and energetic guy to be around, David! I love how you put your whole heart into whatever you do, whether it’s drawing a masterpiece of art, playing a splendid concert on the violin, or designing a mansion in Google SketchUp.

Joshua Wilkes

 Groomsman: Joshua Wilkes, friend of the groom. Your love for the Lord and passion for His Kingdom has motivated me again and again, Josh, from teaching Backyard Bible Schools in Virginia to OEI camps in Oregon to Family Encouragement Weekends in North Carolina. And if I ever need a first-class Bible smuggler, I know who to call!

David Waller

Groomsman: David Waller, friend of the groom. Your enthusiasm for life and passion to serve is quite contagious! We’ve traveled so many places and been through so many adventures together! So now how many flights have we come seconds away from missing?

Clayton Reedstrom

 Groomsman: Clayton Reedstrom, friend of the groom. Your creative ideas on the piano never cease to inspire me! Thanks for patiently waiting morning after morning as I stumbled in to practice half asleep and ten minutes late.  Your loving encouragement was so refreshing.

Jevenn Kowalchuk

 Groomsman: Jevenn Kowalchuk, brother of the bride. I have so many fun and hilarious memories of driving all over Houston together. Thanks for leaving Kendalyn and I stranded and turning off your phone so that we could enjoy lots of extra time together!


Kerzdenn Kowalchuk

Kerzdenn Kowalchuk, brother of the bride. It’s been fun working together on web projects these last few months. Your eagerness to learn has quickly made you into quite the “geek”!

James Staddon

James Staddon, brother of the groom. I remember very well when we went together to buy that first SLR camera. You’ve come so far since then and encouraged so many people. I am so thrilled that you are now shooting my wedding!


Brittany Smith

Brittany Smith, friend of the bride. You fulfilled my dream to have a harp playing at my wedding!