This month has flown by with lots of company, visiting, and good food!  My parents came down for over a week from the 9th to the 17th. Then we had a brief few days to turn around before Robert’s parents came for five days!  We had so much fun and made lots of special memories.

Mama and Dad Kowalchuk came to see Chicago and visit so we packed as much as we could into their week. We went downtown Chicago, I took Mama shopping all over the place (and found some WONDERFUL deals!), Mama and Dad bought me some cute maternity clothes (ah! They’re just wonderful!), we tried several different “Chicago style” restaurants, they attended our midwife appointment with us, and anything else we could fit into the schedule. Dad found many things to fix around the house that we haven’t had a chance to get to – what a blessing!  He fixed our weather-stripping, the patio door, the closet door, organized the garage better, fixed umpteen things, and went through the car thoroughly with Robert, replacing the brake pads and springs. True to their goal, Mama and Dad left our house better than they found it!Dad (a former baker) teaching Robert how to make rolls.Mama practicing the piano!Mama in our guest room...complete with the beautiful quilt my sister, Aleita, made!Mama and Dad gave me a sewing machine! Mending, here we come!2012_01_17_KLS_00182012_01_17_KLS_00202012_01_17_KLS_0025

Mom and Dad Staddon’s visit was a bit more laid back because they came to Chicago as part of a Sabbatical to plan out their year. We still had company and games, an evening out to a restaurant, and a Basic Seminar session with Tanya, but they did find time to spend alone in prayer and planning.

Watching the Basic Seminar with Samuel and Tanya Harbuzuik2012_01_25_KLS_0006

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  1. What a blessing!! Mr. Kowalchuk sounds like one of those constructive tornados! 🙂

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