30th Anniversary Celebration!

In a day where only half of couples who marry stay married, we very happily celebrated my parents’ 30th anniversary with a fancy dinner during the Christmas holidays! Although their anniversary had bee in August, we weren’t able to celebrate together until now! Everyone dressed up in their finest, Kathlyn and Sauntina wore their adorable southern belle dresses from Nana & Dido, Able looked dapper in his little infant tie and vest, and we all gathered for a family picture and conversation over a delicious dinner.

Thank you, Mama & Dad, for your Godly example of living for Jesus, for taking Him at His Word, and for showing us by example how to read and apply God’s Word. We have had so many adventures in our years past and seen the Lord work out impossible situations; we’ve been through tight financial times (when we children hadn’t a clue because you all made it so fun with simple blessings and inexpensive joys…like playing fort with cardboard boxes!); we’ve moved many, many times; lived in two different countries; and had various emergencies where the Lord gave grace and no one was injured for life.

Happy Anniversary and may your adventures continue!!!

Nana & Dido with their grandchildren!Kowalchuk Family Picture - 2012! Thank you, Kerzdenn, for these pictures!

We attempted a picture of the two girl cousins together...and this was the best we could get. :)Kathlyn and Able!


Doesn't that look melt your heart? And behind every picture with a smiling baby is a person/group that makes them smile!My dear, sweet parents!

We love you!


  1. Hi! I really enjoy reading your blog. Your families are such a good example for all Christian families (including my own). I was wondering.. Doesn’t your last name come from Europe? Because I know lots of people with the same last name (or very similar – Kowalczuk, Kovalchuc ect. mostly from Russia, Lithuania, Czech Rep. and Poland). Greetings to you and your little daughter!! 🙂

    • Hello, Maja!

      My last name actually comes from Ukraine! My great-grandfather immigrated to Canada and I think the spelling/pronunciation may have changed a little.

      I’m so glad you found our blog and I hope it continues to bless you and your family! The Lord has been so good to us and it’s been fun to share it with others. 🙂

      Have a blessed rest of your week!


  2. Wow! What a blessing to see those that have walked the road before us and continue to live it out! Thank you for your example to all of us. Also, how blessed you are Robert, Kendalyn & Sauntina for the example in your very own family tree! We are getting ready to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary on 1/23, so this is a special encouraging post to us!

    Also, the dresses are just adorable (on an adorable baby girl!). We got the very same dresses for Madelyn & Abigail at the same age – loooove the pictures!

    Come see us when you’re through GA!
    Love, The Adams Family

    • A happy belated Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Adams!

      Your family is such a blessing to us and I’m very much enjoying following your blog – everyone does such a great job updating it. 🙂 Thank you!

  3. We LOVE the adorable expressions on her face 🙂 too cute

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! And a milestone one, too! Sounds like you both have been such an inspiration and a blessing to all of the families you touch! Congrats!

  5. Congratulations Kowalchuks! And thank you Robert and Kendalyn for the post. I am glad the trip worked out for you all and Sauntina and Kathlyn and Able certainly appear to have made the most of it!

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