Happy Birthday, Mama!

Although thousands of miles separate us, I’m so grateful for technology that allows us to call, Skype, text, and share pictures with my family in Canada…and today is no exception! It’s my sweet Mama’s birthday today!

There is so much I could say about her, but I’ll narrow it to just a few special memories. Mama has always been a classy dresser and tried hard to pass it along to us. I remember groaning, age 9 or 10, when Mama chose our outfits when we were going out somewhere special – a nice white t-shirt or button up shirt with a nice, coordinating pair of shorts or skirt. Looking back on pictures, I’m so glad she stuck with it! The outfits that she chose were so classy looking, neat and clean. However, Mama also believed in allowing children to be children and there was one time when she decided to let me where whatever I wished…and we were going to the Focus on the Family headquarters none the less! Guess what my attire was! A floral pink pair of shorts with a pink plaid top! My choice was simple…wear my favorite shorts and my favorite top (who cared if it matched?!?!). Mama had such patience with us!

Mama’s ability to tackle daunting tasks and finish jobs until they’re complete has always amazed me. If it’s not renovating their home, then it’s making 50+ freezer meals for Robert and I last May! I used to wonder why Mama would come alive around 5 in the evening…and since I now have a baby, I understand! That’s when you make supper, feed the baby, play for a short time, then they are off to bed and you can tackle some jobs uninterrupted! How Mama made homemade bread, canned jams, vegetables, and fruit, grew a large garden, looked after sheep, washed cloth diapers, raised four children under 6, ran a home, sat and took time with Dad each evening, cooked for company, kept the house clean, did all the laundry herself, and sold Mary Kay, I shall never know but I now have a whole new appreciation!

Thank you, Mama, for you wonderful example of motherhood for me to follow and I pray this new year will be the best you’ve had yet! We love you!

2011_Wedding_Kendalyn_KLS_00502011_Wedding_Kendalyn_KLS_0052Then there were two...Three kiddos...And four!Aleita and I celebrating our graduation day together!

Mama helping me get ready for my wedding - June 20112011_06_11_KABK_0080One more prayer time with my parents before marrying Robert!



  1. No fair. Your weren’t supposed to make me tear up like that!What a beautiful tribute to your mom!!

    My husband and I completed the process to become foster parents. (We have had to put that on hold temporarily because we were shocked to find that we are expecting!) My heart breaks for the many children that don’t have moms and dads like you and I did. How BLESSED we are for having loving and faithful parents!! It was very touching to read about your memories and see your pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Happy Birthday Mrs. Kowalchuck!!

  3. Mothers are such a blessing! Your post is very sweet and makes me grateful for such a wonderful mother of my own!
    I enjoyed seeing all those pictures. Thanks for posting!

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