Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day had always been a mixture of emotions when I was single due to the emphasis on love, romance, and having that “special someone.” My Mama helped change this view years ago when she excitedly celebrated this special day with a special dessert, a small gift (like a new pencil set for school!), and an extra candy or two! She captured the true meaning of this  day…showing love towards others and making them feel special! It’s a beautiful day to watch fathers making their daughters feel special with a small gift, a son to his mother, and a brother to his sister. Isn’t that exactly what Jesus did for us? He not only told us we were special, but demonstrated it on the cross and thus removed our penalty for sin completely and forever if we accept Him. Now THAT is true love!

This was my second Valentines to actually have my very own handsome, wonderful valentine! And not just one this year, but a sweet, cuddly, tiny one, too!

Robert gave me a lovely classical CD mixed with some romantic instrumental songs called Everlasting Love, a tribute to the 50th wedding anniversary of friends of the artist, and my little darling had to promptly test it out. 🙂 I guess it passed inspection because I was allowed to have it back and listen to it that afternoon! Robert also gave me a beautiful bouquet of spring colored roses still in bud, and I have enjoyed watching them blossom these last couple of days! I even caught Sauntina trying to nab one of my roses!

IMG_20130213_162251IMG_20130214_135940 (1)

Praise the Lord for His Valentine’s gift to us…and the blessing of loved ones near and afar. We have so much for which to be thankful!

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