The Staddons Visit!

Dad & Mom Staddon, Donald and David drove up from West Virginia to surprise Esther for her birthday a few weeks ago…and they succeeded, too! It was so much fun to have them here for five days and we fit a lot into those days together. Thanks to the tip from a grocery bagger, we visited the ice sculpting in Downer’s Grove and despite the nip in the wind, enjoyed the varied and unique sculptures everywhere.

Sauntina enjoying some homemade apple fruit leather!Part of Esther's "party"...a trip to see ice sculpters!Esther & her "little" brother, David!Happy Birthday, Esther!Girl time!This little girl is learning how to stand holding on to things...and she loved watching her uncles!Happy grandparents and granddaughter!

Last week, Robert and I planned a spontaneous trip to Indianapolis to meet the McDowell’s newest little addition and see friends at South Campus. It was a short, full, fun trip indeed!

Meeting Baby Grace for the first time!Sauntina & Rebekah playing with RobertDarra McDowell with her beautiful baby!The McDowells took us downtown Indianapolis to see the former Indianapolis Training Center...completely renovated!L to R: Cameron & Rebekah (daughter Abigail), Us!, Nathaniel & Darra (daughters Rebekah and Baby Grace), Ryan & Charity (their daugther went to bed:). Between the four couples, there were five girls!

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