A Few Extras…

We have battled the stomach flu and cold in our home this past week…and come out victorious! Due to our illness, we haven’t done much lately but here are some extra glimpses into different activities we’ve enjoyed this new year!

Visit and supper with Mr. Stelzl!Sauntina's first harp lesson with Becky!Yeah! More diapers!...and a free box!Bath time. <3

Sauntina's favorite babysitter...Aunt Esther!Experimenting...and enjoying...homemade fruit leather!Playing piano with Daddy. <3


  1. I’ll have to say I love the last one! Get the love of music in them while their young! My younger sister, at age four, can play about any hymn by ear in thirds, fifths, and octaves! It’s quite amazing! 🙂 When she was a baby she’d sit on my lap and we’d play together 🙂

  2. Great pictures. My favorites are w/of Sauntina playing in a box (I used to play in boxes as a child too) & of her playing the piano w/her Dad. 😉

  3. Great pictures! I like the pictures of Sauntina with Becky and her dad. She is so cute!

  4. Robert, great picture of you and Dave Stelzl. Thanks for sharing that. Of course the ones with Sauntina are always precious!

    I agree, hang on to the picture of you and Sauntina at the piano – she (and you folks) will really appreciate that one in years to come.

    Haven’t seen a kid yet that doesn’t love a box to play in (reminds me of past years). Glad you and your family are well now! Praise God! Praise God, too, for that precious new baby that’s on the way! The heartbeat thing was “creative” on your part, but not surprising, given all the creative talents God has Blessed you with.

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