Easter Joys!

Happy Resurrection Day and may we remember His sacrifice all throughout the year! This was Sauntina’s first Easter and we enjoyed spending the morning in church listening to the story of Jesus’ resurrection and what it means for Christians. How blessed we are live with hope and JOY!

Here’s a glimpse of our first Easter all together…and what a range of emotions Sauntina had!


The Olson family invited us for a delicious meal and fellowship for the afternoon…what a blessing to have new friends. Robert enjoyed a hearty game of hockey with their son and a friend!



Later that day, Sauntina had her first egg hunt with her neighbor, Claire! She was thrilled with the brightly colored plastic eggs, but she was not so excited about her first experience with grass (thus the tears in some pictures). SmileIt was a lovely day!



  1. Nice pictures… and have you noticed that your neighbor’s little girl Claire looks like your niece Kathlyn?

  2. Yes! I miss Kathlyn so much and have enjoyed being able to watch Claire (a similar age) enjoy the newness of life’s adventures!

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