Fun with Company!

We’ve enjoyed the company of part of the Stelzl family for  two weekends, fitting as much as we could into the few days they were here! During the first weekend, Mr. & Mrs. Stelzl, Sarah, and the three of us toured downtown Chicago and they treated us to a ride on the lake/architectural riverboat tour! Finished the day with a tasty supper at Giordano’s!


The following weekend, Mrs. Stelzl and Sarah joined us for a busy weekend visiting friends, going back to Chicago to see Navy Pier, and a very fun activity…shopping! The Stelzls bough Sauntina a new, light blue summer dress. She looked like a little princess! We also visited Pacific Garden Mission and listened to a live performance of “Unshakled!”



Last weekend, Mom, Dad, and David Staddon drove 10 hours to surprise Daniel for his birthday! We played many ROOK card games, enjoyed laughter around the table, and a rousing game of mini golf…in the rain!

Uncle James!Happy Birthday, Daniel!Surrounded by guys doing pushups. :)Watching David practice violin...Down time with Grandma. <3Celebrating Daniel's birthday in a big way!Mini golf!

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