Big Sandy Regional Conference!

The Lord blessed us with a wonderful trip to Texas last week to visit friends, work at the Big Sandy Regional Conference, and see my dear and wonderful friend, Corrie, and her family!

David, Priscilla, their little man, Paul, and the three of us left early Sunday morning and did the entire 15 hour trip in one day! It was a long day, but oh! How nice to be done all the traveling and on to visiting! We had snow in Chicago on Friday but there wasn’t a spec of snow at all in the south ~ and I was a typical Northern and burned myself the first day in the sun!

The children have grown up so much since I last saw them a year ago. Where does the time go? We were also able to see Responder Jonathan ~ our very own ALERT man!

Kristyn was all about things in her mouth...including golf balls!Jonathan!Enjoying the sun!Katy & Connor LOVED playing with Robert and hearing his stories from history!Little Clayton and his cat. :)

Jonathan was part of the Alert group opening the first conference evening. Connor & Clayton, and their friend David proudly saluted during the national anthem, following all the Alert guys (and their daddy’s) example. Robert played a beautiful piano solo Thursday evening, sang in a quartet, and Keon sang in the Alert quartet a couple times. I love these regional conferences for all the inspiring music and fantastic messages!


Katy was Sauntina’s “big sister” for the week and helped me push the stroller, hold her, and play with her. Sauntina loved having so many other children around!


When I used to work at Alert in 2010, I used to take the kids out to a Christian bookstore to look around, then enjoy a treat at the nearby frozen yogurt place before heading back home…and this trip was so exception. They’ve expanded a little from their tastes since I last saw them! Instead of gummy bears, they chose sour gummy worms!

It was so wonderful to see those special friends who used to help me in the kitchen. I miss working there and seeing the girls often, and oh what a treat to catch up a little!

IMG_1060IMG_1061Robert's "office" for the week!My kitchen girls!Catching up with Lauren & DevinBeginning her training early...Bethany and Corrie!"Old" HQ friends - Janny, Melody and Melody's mom!Visiting Ams in Tyler!Matching purses! Yay for girl time!


  1. I love seeing families holding dear to their convictions and training up the next generation! Keep on keepin on!

  2. Thank you, Liz! I praise the Lord for the Godly parents both Robert and I have that taught us these convictions and how to train up our own children in the truth! We are a blessed generation indeed!

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