Happy 1st Birthday, Sauntina!

Where has the year gone? It seems like you’ve been with us forever, Sauntina, and yet the newness of having you has never worn off. I see you every morning and watch you change from my first baby girl to an adorable, fun-loving little tyke who loves to make your daddy laugh, loves the outdoors, squints your eyes in joyful smile when I come get you from your nap, and blesses everyone who has met you both here, visits to Daddy’s work, and in stores. May your sweetness ever be an example of the love of Jesus and may He continually bless your growth as you learn more about our precious Savior. Your Daddy and I love you so much, sweet baby daughter!

A glimpse of the past year:

The first day you arrived in this world and Daddy learned how to put on a diaper!


Everyone couldn’t wait to meet you so we had your baby shower when you were just 2 days old!


We were even able to have BOTH sets of grandparents here during your first month! I was able to celebrate my first Mother’s Day with both my mother and my mother-in-law!


You grew in so many ways this year and we have enjoyed each day the Lord has given you to us so far. You are a treasure beyond words, Sauntina LaVerle!

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Happy 1st Birthday!



  1. Happy Birthday, Sauntina! It always amazes me with how much little ones can change within 1 year. She continues to be a sweet little girl; in fact, in one of the last pictures (#46?; she’s standing by a coffee table w/cereal pieces on it), she is making the exact same expression that my niece made when she was that age. (My niece is now 15, so the time’ll fly by before you know it.) 😉

  2. What a year of getting tho know Sauntina!!! Just think what the next year will bring!!! God is good!!

  3. Happy birthday dear Sauntina! I pray the Lord blesses you always with an awarness of His presence and a big heart that desires to share your Heavenly Father’s love with all those He brings into your path!
    Thank you so much for posting, Kendalyn. It was such a blessing to see how much she has grown in just one year!! Happy celebrating!

  4. Cora Burrows

    Happy 1st Birthday Sauntina!! You are very lucky to have a daddy and mommy who wanted you to Serve the Lord!! May this year be filled with blessings 🙂 And a new baby 🙂
    Cora 🙂

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