Sauntina’s 1st Birthday!

Our little bundle of joy has turned a year old! Where has the time gone? We celebrated her birthday in several stages…the first being with Josh & Ale Guido and Mr. Fagala when they came to visit!


Then on her actual birthday, we Skyped with Nana & Dido Kowalchuk and Aunty Aleita. We miss them so much!


Sauntina’s big party was held down in West Virginia a few days later with the Staddon family and relatives who gathered to celebrate this little blessing. Aunt Esther and the uncles made decorative animal cupcakes for the jungle themed party, and Sauntina enjoyed eating her very first cupcake and sorbet!


Sauntina decided to push off from Daddy and stand by herself like a big girl!



Happy Birthday, Sauntina LaVerle! We love you!



  1. Such adorable pictures! I especially like the one where she is eating her first cupcake, and the one where she is trying to walk on her own – too cute!

  2. Great shots Robert & Kendalyn,

    As I looked at these, I saw “Spiritual” implications.

    In # 8, I saw it the clearest,
    The eyes of innocence, trusting and focused, with hands clinging to and holding on to her source of strength and stability.
    It was as if Sauntina was clinging to the hand of her unseen Heavenly Father , trusting in Him , keeping her eyes focused on Him – a picture worth framing and a moment worth remembering as an example to her – for all of her life.

    In # 19, I saw The Father’s “Delight” and the “child’s” Joy over her accomlishment, but yet the image of her Heavenly Father, who dearly loves her, still very close by to protect her.

    In # 20, I was reminded of The Three in One, whole and complete.

    Blessings of The Lord Jesus to you all!

  3. How beautiful, Carol! I love those analogies you drew! I pray that she will come to know Jesus as her own as she grows up. She has certainly showed me more about Jesus’ love since she arrived into our world a year ago!

  4. I came across your blog sort of randomly and I hope you don’t mind me leaving a comment. 🙂

    I was just wondering what the meaning of Sauntina LaVerle was.
    It is truly a gorgeous name.

    I love the photos of Skyping. Technology can be quite amazing when the family can’t always be close.
    And I’m a Lamb-Chop fan from way back 😉

    Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth! Sauntina is a name my parents had wanted to use for one of theirs, but the Lord blessed them with only four and we asked permission to use it! It reminds us of a sonata or musical references, and since we’re both musical, we loved the sound of it! Plus, Sauntina in Spanish means “saint.” LaVerle, my middle name inherited from my aunt and grandma, means truth. Our prayer for our daughter is that she will bring glory to God through her music and speaking/acting truth and love toward others.

      I love Skype as well! It has been such a blessing since we live so far from both sets of parents!

      • I love the story and meaning behind her name.
        Music (especially that of the victorian/edwardian composer Edward Elgar) is a gift I thank the Lord for everyday!

        I also love using a special chosen name. My little brother was stillborn. However, he and his name was known and beloved to us before he was called home. I have always known one day, my first will carry his name. 🙂

        Skype is indeed a blessing!
        I can’t always accompany my husband on business travel and Skype makes our parted time SO much easier!

        Blessings & take care,

        • Elizabeth, how beautiful. I’m looking forward to perhaps someday seeing a picture of your little son with this special name. God bless you!

          • Kendalyn,

            We have yet to be given the glorious gift of a child yet. But I’m praying learning, making a home and most important…trusting in the lord.
            I’m new to the internet and 2nd in line after my Husband gets his home network and servers(for work) all up and humming along.
            I thought it would be nice to start up a homemakers blog for my bread machine and sewing “adventures”. I will be sure to include family pics too 🙂

            Blessings and take care,

  5. Sweet pictures! 😉

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