Grandfather Mountain Adventures!

Dad, Mom, Robert, Sauntina and I entered Grandfather Mountain mid-morning during our vacation a couple weeks ago, and began our 3 mile climb with a warm sun, cool breeze and wildlife coaxing us along. Everyone else had entered Grandfather Mountain State Park to do a 7 mile hike! Yeah to their adventurous spirit! It was quite the climb for us with cables to grasp, ladders to scale, sure footing to find, the blue diamond or paint swash to follow, rocks to climb, and cliff edges to avoid. Robert not only carried Sauntina in a front pack, but also carried a heavy backpack (due to water bottles) the entire way up and back! Sauntina did marvelous being jostled around and eventually fell asleep to the sway of mountain climbing. I’m sure we had the record for the oldest (Dad & Mom both in their 60’s) and the youngest (Sauntina at one-year-old….plus little “Tweeter” five months along) at the Macrae Peak that day! We made it!


At the conclusion of our strenuous hike, we walked over the mile high swinging bridge…more accurately called the “singing” bridge due to the high speed winds that cause the metal bridge to “sing!” Sauntina was quite happy to be toddling around again and stretch her little legs. We waited and rested at the van until the other hikers arrived, then enjoyed a leisurely evening back at Uncle Tim’s cabin over a tasty supper Mom and Esther had thoughtfully prepared in advance and tales of the days adventures. What a day!



  1. Thank you for sharing your adventures & your pictures w/us. 😉

  2. We have been on many trips together but it never ceases to amaze me how the Lord works out each one differently. That was a special time. God bless you with another special year.

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