Beautiful Northwoods

Robert, Sauntina and I had the opportunity of going to the Northwoods Conference center, located just 2 miles from Watersmeet in the upper peninsula of Michigan last week with the ladies Journey to the Heart group. Both Robert and I have spent quite a bit of time up here for different events and staffing so it was almost like coming back to a well-known home. Northwoods has always been a place of rest and peace for me, enjoying the outdoors, and finding some extra time to spend with the Lord. This week was so exception!

Robert and I walked around part of the lake on our anniversary, Sauntina and I took a walk down the mile-long runway, and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon kayaking on lake. We were also able to meet and fellowship with the Toll family who run the Northwoods and keep everyone fed well and things maintained. What a blessing to meet them and spend the week laughing, telling stories and sharing meals! IMG_7013IMG_7028IMG_7040IMG_7042

We were also able to  visit Rantamaki family and the Hackers! Yay!


Another unexpected blessing was getting to meet Roy Daniels, Keith Daniels’ son! Roy and his wife and son were up taking a much needed break and getting some R&R’s. We ran into Roy and Glenn during a couple meals and Robert and Roy hit it off well! Sauntina loved having yet another little person her age to play with! Ah, what shall we do at home when it’s only mommy to play with???


Sauntina traveled so well on the 9 hour drive both up and back and Abby did a marvelous job keeping her occupied while I drove. A few naps along the way helped to pass the time and keep her the happy, little girl she is!


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  1. Looking at the Photo Gallery on that website just confirms my own little saying…Michigan is majestic.

    I think about all the places I have been with my husband on conferences for his work and many leave me wanting to stay in the hotel room with a good book!
    That place looks just as amazing as Mackinac Island 🙂

    Blessings and take care,

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