Trip to Wyoming ~ Part 1

This is long overdue, but at last pictures and a brief synopsis are about to go on the blog! Sharon, Brittany, Sauntina and I embarked on a road trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming on July 7th and stayed the week with my Mama and friends. What a trip!

Before we left, we enjoyed my Grandma’s visit from Three Hills, Alberta for three whole weeks! My dear Grandma helped me tame my wild flowerbeds all over our property, watched Sauntina a couple times so I could run errands, and we gave her a completed Chicago tour and experience!


My brother, Jevenn, who was visiting us for a few days, rode his motorcycle along with us the entire way out to Cheyenne and we only had one slight mishap…he ran out of gas. 🙂



It was wonderful to see Mama and Dad again (who came down to visit Mama for the weekend before heading back to work…and that’s a 17 hour drive for my Dad! What love and devotion!). I haven’t seen them since Christmas!


We went on many different outings to “experience Wyoming” and see the sights, tried new restaurant, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! I missed Robert so much, but was also grateful for the chance to get to spend some special time with my Mama and girlfriends!



  1. Looks like a wonderful trip!

  2. I agree w/Aunt Judy; looks like it was a great trip & great pictures, too! And I can also see that Sauntina loves Starbucks as much as my niece does. 😉

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