Trip to Wyoming ~ Part 2

And the adventure continues! Here’s the second part of our incredible trip to Wyoming and all the amazing sights we saw!

We toured Fort Laramie with Mama & Dona, reading all the history of how this fort played its role in the Oregon Trail days. What an experience to walk up the steps where hundreds of others had walked up before and left worn marks in their place!


Our host, Tom, gave us a tour of his workplace…the beautiful state capitol of Wyoming!


Mama treated us to an art lesson, and for those of us who either hadn’t painted in a very long time, or never at all, it was quite the experience!


We traveled to the Oregon Trail ruts where they cut out trails in the rock to get the wagons through, then visited Registered Cliff on our way out. Registered Cliff had names and dates carved in the rock everywhere, creating little memos for family and friends traveling after them that they had made it this far. Talk about history!


One of our favorite days was touring the Colorado mountains in Estes Park! Although very different from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, they were beautiful and we saw some incredible scenery and wildlife! Thank you, Father, for making such beautiful landscape for us to enjoy!


It was an amazing trip and we are so blessed to have been able to go. Thank you, Mama, for everything you did to make it special, and thank you, Tom & Dona, for hosting us for the week and your incredible hospitality!



  1. Thank you for sharing another great collection of pictures! How lucky for you to have seen the moose & elk; I always look for moose & other wildlife whenever I go to Vermont (but have yet to actually see one). After seeing these pictures, perhaps one day I will. 🙂

  2. So much fun to look at the pictures! It’s been forever long since I’ve been to Wyoming I do believe I forget what it’s like….

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