40 Week Reflections…

This is a new experience for me…actually making it to the due date! Hello, 40 weeks! Because everything has been slower than it was with Sauntina (who came two weeks early), it’s given me much time to reflect, anticipate, and have a new awe for my Lord.

I’ve been pondering what is to come in bringing this little one into the world. It won’t be fun, it will be painful, and yet it must be done. Isn’t that how it was with Jesus in Gethsemane? He sweated drops of blood because He knew what was coming, knew the intense pain required of Him, realized the separation that would occur from His Father as He bore the sins of all, and yet went through with it because it was the only way we could become part of the family of God. What I will experience is so much less than what He went through, yet this time of waiting has made me even more grateful for a taste of the love He had for us and the willingness to suffer for His children. I’m willing to go through labor for the joy of getting to know and hold my baby…and Jesus anticipates the same from us.

Thank you, Jesus, for Your sacrifice and for knowing the exact date our little one will arrive!




  1. Wonder if it will be a boy since you have made it this far and still waiting. Praying for you all….
    Excited for you… Many blessings

  2. I’ve learned that things happen @ the time they’re supposed to; not sooner or later. Hope all goes well!

  3. Praying for you day and at night when I am awake. Checking the blog for the big news and hope it is soon. I love that family picture. I just love how expressive Sauntina’s face is. She will make a great teacher some day because her face tells the story also. She is a precious blessing and will be a great big sister. I can see her now reading to the new little one…. Love you all

  4. I felt that it was going to be an October baby, but hesitated saying that. The good news is that God’s timing is “always” perfect!

    Praying for all of you and especially for you Kendalyn and the baby for a safe, healthy delivery – and a short labor time – in Jesus’ Name.

  5. Do ya’ll have any videos of your family or the baby? Love Ashley

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