Little Marilee…

Here’s a few pictures of our newest adventure, sweet baby Marilee!

Latest family picture


Sauntina loves her new sister and always wants to give her kisses! When I lay Marilee on the ground to change her diaper, Sauntina either lays down on her stomach to give her a kiss or bends in half to reach down to her (oh! to be that flexible!). It’s so precious to see them together!


I’m not sure what type of dream Marilee was having here when I went to check on her yesterday…is she raising her hands in worship? Pretending to be a giant cuddly bunny? Or is she the wolf in Red Ridinghood?


Loving this new phase in life!


  1. Sauntina is so sweet to little precious Marilee. I enjoy looking at your family pictures. God bless you!!!
    Love in Christ,
    ps. How old is Sauntina and Marilee?

    • Thank you, Ashley! Sauntina is so good with her little sister and loves to shower her with kisses often during the day! Sauntina is almost 18 months and Marilee is just over 2 weeks old!

  2. Children are so precious! Thanks for sharing your photos. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the pictures!!! I really enjoyed them. Children are so precious!
    May God Bless you!!

  4. I can definitely see the resemblance between both girls. Nice pictures! (Any maybe Marilee was pretending to be a spider?) 😉

  5. What a precious family! Congratulations on your new gift from God! May she be raised to know and love the Lord and serve Him always.

    Hugs from our family to your growing family!

  6. Love your new pictures, preious family. I heard the older generation say that the hands up like Marilee is a sign of a good, healthy baby. Don’t know how they came up with that, but that is what I was always told. Many blessings to all of you

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