A Little Catch-up Time…

Due to three surgeries over the Christmas season, and wonderful help from my sister, Aleita, and Robert’s parents for a couple months following, we fell behind in post updates, but are blessed with good health once again and back to tackling the tasks of life. For awhile there, I wasn’t sure I’d ever have enough energy to take care of my little girls by myself, but the Lord was so kind and we are back to normal running errands, cooking, cleaning, and hosting guests! Praise the Lord for the wonderful gift of health! Here’s a little glimpse of the past few months…

Aleita, who came for an 11 day visit in early December, ended up staying 5 weeks and was mother to my two girls while I spent a week in the hospital for gallbladder surgery, then two more surgeries in the following weeks due to complications.


Discharged Christmas Eve and celebrated a quiet Christmas together. Robert managed to make a stocking for Sauntina to open!


Mom, Dad and David Staddon came to help with the girls for two weeks in January while I continued recovering. Esther often watched the girls so I could grab a nap or rest on the couch. We are so blessed to be surrounded by family and I do not take this for granted!



  1. So very grateful we serve a faithful, loving God who always makes provision in our difficult seasons in life. So grateful to Him for watching over you, protecting and guarding your life and your girls and Robert’s. Surgeries can be such a strain on the whole family, not just those having it. I know, we lived 500 miles from family when I had 3 surgeries over a 4 year period and we had our two children who needed care. I offer up the sacrifice of praise to our holy God, who is always right on time in our lives and our situations. How I love Him for WHO He is to us and His all powerful hand that is always over us. I stand in awe of Who He is and His all consuming love for us… Humbly, I bow down before Him in praise and adoration. Times like these are when He can show His love to us in such a powerful way… I love your family and pray for you. We met Robert several times and were so blessed by His smile and His music… I KNOW God has great plans and purposes for your lives and I believe as you are walking in His Light, those purposes will be manifest. May God richly bless and keep you , continually each and every day..

  2. I just want to let you know that every time I saw your beautiful smile on the picture of you and your little girls and husband, I just see love, peace and joy all over you. I was thinking you had gotten even more beautiful after the birth of your youngest daughter. I had no idea you were going through such a tough time, but was praying for you and your family since it had been awhile since the blog had a new post. I am so glad you are doing so much better and had such wonderful support from your family.

    Your family is such a blessing. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Yay! Great to hear from you again and so glad to know you’re doing better! 🙂

  4. Randy and Vanessa

    I am so sorry to hear that you have had a rough time with the surgeries. I am, however, grateful that you are feeling better. Thank you so much for this update and we will continue to keep you in prayer for the days ahead. The girls are just beautiful! So glad to know that you had such wonderful help as you were going through this rough time.

  5. Thank you for the update & new pictures! I was starting to get worried that things weren’t going well. It’s a wonderful thing to have family help in medical situations (had a recent trip to the er a few days ago & my sister was able to help me). Let’s hope that things continue to stay well for all of us. Pax!

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