From chilly Chicago to sunny Big Sandy…

Yes, the opportunity came for us to attend the Big Sandy regional family conference last week! Robert live streamed the evening sessions while I visited friends from all over and introduced them to Marilee and an ever growing/changing Sauntina. The Pendergasts hosted us during our stay and Sauntina went to sleep each evening quite worn out from playing with their four children. 🙂


My sister, Aleita, works down there at the International ALERT Academy so we squeezed in as many opportunities to visit as we possible could!


We also celebrated a lovely and restful Easter Sunday with the Pendergast Family and friends ~ Aleita, Corrie and I all wore the same colors without knowing it!


On the way home, Robert, James, Jonathan, Sauntina, Marilee and I stopped in St. Louis for the night and toured the St. Louis arch the next morning. This was my first time up there and it was quite the feeling to be over 600 feet in the air with nothing between you and the ground!


Now we are home sweet home and ready to settle back into routines again…


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  1. Thank you for posting pictures of your latest adventures. I enjoy seeing how big Marilee & Sauntina are getting. The silly picture of Sauntina & your sister Aleita (when Sauntina’s in her high chair) reminds me of how I silly I was w/my niece when she was that age; in fact, we’re still that way. 🙂

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