Until I see you again…

Late Sunday night, one of the Christian’s worlds best authors and heroines completed her legacy on earth and went to be with the Savior she poured out her life for. Not only was she eloquent with her words, lived what she taught, structured her life around the Lord’s will for her life, served in several countries as a missionary, lost her husband to the very people they came to reach out to, and went back to that same tribe to show them Christ’s love…she was also my spiritual heroine. Elisabeth Elliot changed my life as I entered my teen years and gave me a much bigger picture to focus on as new challenges faced me.

“Passion & Purity,” “Though Gates of Splendor,” and “Shadow of the Almighty” were some of my favorite books of hers to read. In 2009, I was given the opportunity to serve with her and her husband ~ talk about a dream come true! Due to some health complications of Elisabeth’s, I stayed with them for quite a few months and served where needed. Those months  were full of learning curves as I helped wherever I could (which I loved), took up running (which I didn’t love – and it ended up being more of a quick walk:), learned how to cook fish the right way from a fantastic cook (Total love! Lars, Elisabeth’s husband, knew his fish dishes), saw three different seasons in those beautiful New England states, played and sang Elisabeth’s favorite hymns with her, and saw how a real woman of God lives (and it wasn’t as profound as I thought it would have been – she lived simply and passionately).

Elisabeth was a woman who loved Jesus and let Him affect every part of her life. She was a woman of discipline. She never minced words and stated the facts wrapped in tones of love. She changed my life through a talk she gave when I was in my teens…little realizing that one of the girls in the audience would be able to give back to her 10+ years later.

It was Elisabeth that inspired the gorgeous engagement ring Robert gave me. Robert gave me the heart shaped diamond ring because he wanted it to be a continual reminder that I was loved with an everlasting love…and this was one of Elisabeth’s favorite verses as well. I’m going to miss her, miss holding her hand, seeing her smile and hearing her voice, but her words and legacy will live on forever.

Thank you, Elisabeth, for living a life that pointed to Jesus and I’m so glad my girls were able to meet you. I’ll see you again soon.

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  1. What a gift you were given, Kendalyn, to walk with her through daily life, even if only for a short time. I know you blessed each other in those days. So many wonderful words have been spoken of this woman since her passing. It’s one thing to speak of someone you’ve read about or heard speak. But you saw her faith with your own eyes. What a joy to know that the story is consistent. A simple, imperfect woman who, by grace, learned to accept God’s will for her life as perfect and to rejoice in it.

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