Sep 13

40 Week Reflections…

This is a new experience for me…actually making it to the due date! Hello, 40 weeks! Because everything has been slower than it was with Sauntina (who came two weeks early), it’s given me much time to reflect, anticipate, and have a new awe for my Lord.

I’ve been pondering what is to come in bringing this little one into the world. It won’t be fun, it will be painful, and yet it must be done. Isn’t that how it was with Jesus in Gethsemane? He sweated drops of blood because He knew what was coming, knew the intense pain required of Him, realized the separation that would occur from His Father as He bore the sins of all, and yet went through with it because it was the only way we could become part of the family of God. What I will experience is so much less than what He went through, yet this time of waiting has made me even more grateful for a taste of the love He had for us and the willingness to suffer for His children. I’m willing to go through labor for the joy of getting to know and hold my baby…and Jesus anticipates the same from us.

Thank you, Jesus, for Your sacrifice and for knowing the exact date our little one will arrive!



Sep 13

Still waiting!

We are enjoying these beautiful fall days and waiting for our little one to come join us on walks through the fallen leaves! 39 1/2 weeks!






Sep 13



Was it the sports car that passed, her Daddy making faces, or the anticipation of Chipotle for supper that prompted this expression?

Sep 13

Sauntina singing!

Sauntina happily singing from her picture hymnal one morning this past week! Our sweet little music lover!

Sep 13

The time is drawing nearer!

Praise the Lord! After fitting in our trips and preparing for the arrival of our little Tweeter, we are ready to slow down and enjoy the next days/weeks together until he/she is ready to make their arrival. My parents arrived late last night so let the fun begin!!!

37 1/2 weeks…and counting! Sweet Sauntina, your world will soon change!



Aug 13

Visitors from Texas!

My sister, Aleita, and our friend, Corrie, with her four children drove the 16 hours from Texas to visit me for an entire week! It was sooo wonderful to see them again and enjoy conversations face-t0-face!

We read books and Sauntina loved having other kids around to play with! The first day was a little overwhelming for her, but she quickly adjusted and learned the finer points of sharing toys with Kristyn who was 5 months older than she. 🙂 This is a much needed skill as she will have a little sibling, Lord willing, in about 4-5 weeks!


We went to the zoo and saw the dolphin show, bears, camels, and so many different animals!


We toured the fire station…


And enjoyed many evenings outside playing in the beautiful summer air and using energy in baseball games, football games, and creative imaginations…


Thank you so much for coming!!! Red heart

Aug 13

Trip to Wyoming ~ Part 2

And the adventure continues! Here’s the second part of our incredible trip to Wyoming and all the amazing sights we saw!

We toured Fort Laramie with Mama & Dona, reading all the history of how this fort played its role in the Oregon Trail days. What an experience to walk up the steps where hundreds of others had walked up before and left worn marks in their place!


Our host, Tom, gave us a tour of his workplace…the beautiful state capitol of Wyoming!


Mama treated us to an art lesson, and for those of us who either hadn’t painted in a very long time, or never at all, it was quite the experience!


We traveled to the Oregon Trail ruts where they cut out trails in the rock to get the wagons through, then visited Registered Cliff on our way out. Registered Cliff had names and dates carved in the rock everywhere, creating little memos for family and friends traveling after them that they had made it this far. Talk about history!


One of our favorite days was touring the Colorado mountains in Estes Park! Although very different from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, they were beautiful and we saw some incredible scenery and wildlife! Thank you, Father, for making such beautiful landscape for us to enjoy!


It was an amazing trip and we are so blessed to have been able to go. Thank you, Mama, for everything you did to make it special, and thank you, Tom & Dona, for hosting us for the week and your incredible hospitality!


Aug 13

My little nautical girl…

Nana & Dido gave Sauntina an adorable nautical outfit and she dressed in it for church this morning! What a cutie! Thank you, Mom & Dad!


Jul 13

Trip to Wyoming ~ Part 1

This is long overdue, but at last pictures and a brief synopsis are about to go on the blog! Sharon, Brittany, Sauntina and I embarked on a road trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming on July 7th and stayed the week with my Mama and friends. What a trip!

Before we left, we enjoyed my Grandma’s visit from Three Hills, Alberta for three whole weeks! My dear Grandma helped me tame my wild flowerbeds all over our property, watched Sauntina a couple times so I could run errands, and we gave her a completed Chicago tour and experience!


My brother, Jevenn, who was visiting us for a few days, rode his motorcycle along with us the entire way out to Cheyenne and we only had one slight mishap…he ran out of gas. 🙂



It was wonderful to see Mama and Dad again (who came down to visit Mama for the weekend before heading back to work…and that’s a 17 hour drive for my Dad! What love and devotion!). I haven’t seen them since Christmas!


We went on many different outings to “experience Wyoming” and see the sights, tried new restaurant, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! I missed Robert so much, but was also grateful for the chance to get to spend some special time with my Mama and girlfriends!


Jul 13

Sauntina’s One-Year Photoshoot!

Nathan Corduan took us out to Graue Mills for a photoshoot to capture Sauntina’s first year and he did a wonderful job! Poor Sauntina was so tired from missing her morning nap, but you’d never know it from the beautiful pictures he took! Thank you so much, Nathan!

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